Why Massage

Why Massage


With conflicting pressures on our time and energy, it is easy to take ourselves and our own wellbeing for granted while we focus on other priorities. Take time out for yourself.

Effective Pain Management– Some people come for massage with specific pain related issues to get help and relief in the most natural way possible. Sometimes in the course of a remedial massage, the particular source of a general physical complaint can be identify and isolated and then be focused on in subsequent treatments.

Prevention – Regular massage can prevent restrictive conditions from developing in the first place. It can significantly benefit the circulatory, digestive and immune systems while promoting overall wellbeing.

The calmness and relaxation that massage brings can help you to respond more effectively to the challenges you face in your life.

With the stress and pressure ofevery day life, we can easily lose touch with our bodies, and become accustomed to niggling pain and discomfort.

Many people who call for massage pre-book an appointment as part of their overall health maintenance. Others plan treatments around sporting events or when they experience symptoms like knotted aching muscles, headache or backache.

Never the less, it’s time for massage!

Catherine Allegade

Catherine was born in France and has studied in Japan and Australia. She is accredited with the ATMS and has gained further qualifications in a range of massage traditions making her treatment unique in addressing a wide range of presenting conditions.

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